Alibi Cloud VS Customer Success Stories - HEALTHWORKS ERGONOMICS

August 28th, 2020

Healthworks Ergonomics had experienced multiple episodes of unforeseen hardware costs with their on-premise recorder, and needed a scalable security system that would accommodate both their immediate and long-term security and budgetary needs. Learn why Cloud VS was the ideal security application for their business model from both a technology and cost perspective.  

The Client 

Healthworks offers ongoing ergonomics training, evaluations, and at-risk assessments so employees can feel their best at work. Located in Austin, Texas, they provide local businesses with on-site and at-home services, led by their team of ergonomic specialists. 

The Challenge 

Healthworks is located in the heart of South Austin’s busiest metropolis. Although they have an on-premise security system, several challenges were continuing to threaten the overall security and well-being of their business:

  • Ongoing, out-of-pocket expenses.  Over a year ago, Healthworks installed an on-premise system. A faulty hard drive, unforeseen maintenance costs and multiple episodes of vandalism to their recorder had cost the owners over $1,500 in out-of-pocket expenses since its inception.  
  • Acts of vandalism/theft. Within the last 15 months, Healthworks had encountered multiple break-ins to their single-location business. Although they had a security camera system in place, low-resolution cameras were unable to capture the intruder’s identity clearly. 

The direct costs of replacing their recorder and stolen merchandise, along with indirect costs of downtime while waiting for their hardware replacement, were costing them unforeseen expenses their budget didn’t allow for. Their most recent break-in prompted them to seek out a more reliable and modern solution.   

The Solution 

After considering several options, they decided on Alibi’s Cloud VS platform because of its scalable capabilities and cost-effective solution. They installed eight 4.0-Megapixel cloud cameras with built-in starlight technology and high-definition video. Four of their cameras were placed outside, providing the owners with 24/7 advanced nighttime surveillance see clear, sharp images up to 120′ in the dark. 

The Outcome 

When intruders come on their property, the camera’s advanced analytics, which includes intrusion detection and face recognition, notify the owners immediately by an instant alert on their smartphone – which they can then send to authorities by date and time. As Healthwork’s expands from a single to multi-site business, Cloud VS’s flexible scalability features allow them to increase or decrease their storage, cameras, and user permissions on demand. Cloud VS is the ideal security application for its business model, providing them with the technology, support, and scalability they require.  


High Definition Cloud Cameras 

Camera Type

4 MP Cloud-Enabled Starlight Bullet Cameras

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