Reasons Schools Should Have Security and Access Control Systems in Place

February 23rd, 2022

While many of us wish that the teachers in our Cleveland, OH school system can focus on teaching and the kids can focus on learning, that just isn't the case in today's world. It is more important than ever for schools to concentrate on the security of their teachers, students, and staff to ensure a safer and more secure environment for everyone.

As we evolve, security systems must also evolve. The following are a few of the biggest reasons schools should concentrate their efforts on obtaining a security and access control system for their campus.

Monitor All Activities in Cleveland, OH

Even if your school is staffed with security, it can be hard for them to keep up with everything and everyone coming and going. Video surveillance and security systems offer them a much easier way to track everything and monitor the entire campus from one centralized location. There are also alerts that can notify them immediately of any breach in security.

Immediate Responses

Which brings us to the much faster response times there will be with the right surveillance system in place. When you see that something is happening, you can act quickly to remedy the situation - whether it requires the entire school to be locked down or an evacuation sequence needs to be initiated.

No Keys with Access Control

Access control systems are also a much safer option for schools because there are no keys that can become lost, which can seriously compromise the security of the school. Instead, it prevents unauthorized access and allows for a much more protective layer of security for the campus. It combines the power of credentialing with authentication.

Audit Trails

Integrated security systems and access control systems provide the school with an audit trail of all of its activities. This means if any critical event were to happen, there would be a trail for it to follow. This is especially helpful in cases of fraud on campus.

Manage More than One Building

With this type of security system and access control system, it is possible to manage more than just one location or building at a time. You could view the footage remotely from anywhere and act as you need to if something were to happen. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to having the right security and access control systems in place at schools. Not only does it provide the teachers, students, and staff with more peace of mind and security, but it also helps lessen the fear and anxiety many parents may feel when they drop their children off at school. Security and access control systems can help prevent crime while also allowing authorized personnel to view and monitor all campus activity and respond to a situation as soon as possible to minimize any security threats that may be present.

Still not convinced? You can discuss security and access control system options with professionals in your Cleveland area to get a better idea of how much they can benefit schools in your area.