Home Security 3 Surprising Habits That Attract House Burglars

March 24th, 2023

Burglars carefully pick and choose their preferred targets. They do this to maximize their chances of success. Certain things catch their eye and make a house more tantalizing to them, and these include the observable habits of the people who live there. You might be unknowingly falling into those habits, which may put you and your Cleveland home at risk. Read on to learn about three habits that can attract house burglars and what you can do to avoid them.

Blatant Display Of Extravagance

By parking your sports car in the front driveway and having an extravagant zen garden without a fence, you are letting neighborhood burglars know that you can afford a luxury lifestyle. A flashy exterior will not only attract burglars but also convince them to break into your home as soon as possible. 

While we all want a well-manicured lawn and homes that look beautiful and impressive from every angle, perhaps you could tone it down a bit and focus on your home’s interior instead. Apart from this, make sure that your windows are not giving the neighbors and potential burglars a view of anything valuable they can take from inside your home.

Not Taking Care Of Your Front Lawn

Ironically, burglars also tend to target homes that do not look good on the outside. No, we’re not saying burglars like ugly houses. However, they are very much attracted to homes that are in a state of neglect. Unkempt lawns, tall bushes, and deteriorating fences all give off signs that there probably isn’t anyone at home and the homeowners might not return for a while. This serves as a green light for most house burglars. Do yourself and your home a favor by doing a bit of landscaping and making sure that your home looks like it’s being cared for.

Not Having A Home Security System

The absence of a home security system is one of the biggest go signals for any house burglar. Most burglars will avoid any possible chance of getting caught or having any form of evidence used against them. From surveillance cameras to burglar alarms, any form of home security equipment will make a world of difference when it comes to keeping your home and property safe. If you’re not sure what kind of home security system you need or how to install one, you can opt to call a security solutions provider to give you some recommendations and even install a security system for you. 

There is no single way to guarantee that your Cleveland, OH home will never be targeted by a burglar. However, avoiding the habits we’ve mentioned in this article will help keep that risk at a minimum. If you want to find the best security solutions to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home, work with a professional home security provider in Cleveland, OH. Home security is an important and necessary investment, and any responsible homeowner knows that cutting corners is not an option. Get in touch with us today to request our services.