Three Security Steps To Protect Your Business

April 28th, 2023

When you think of security as a business owner in Cleveland, usually cameras, monitoring systems, and locked doors come to mind. For others, it may mean having a guard at the front door, and yet others may think of protecting their computers or network firewalls. Each of those is correct. However, it is not conducive to consider only one form of security for your business. As specialists, we suggest that you take a three-step approach—physical security, technical security, and administrative security—to protect your business. 

  1. Physical Security

Physical security involves protecting your physical property. Besides the actual building, this includes theft of property in the building such as computers, furniture, and client files. 

The use of break-proof glass, secure door locks, and updated security cameras is needed to protect your assets. In addition to filming your Cleveland parking lot, building, and building interiors, security cameras also work as an environmental control measure. They can monitor and inform you about the air conditioning and electrical issues, and they will not only notify you of smoke or possible fire but will also indicate the exact location. These are all done via your smartphone.

  1. IT Security

Information Technology (IT) security is focused on protecting your information technology. Hackers have gained access to over 7.9 billion consumer records in 2019. Internet security should be one of your priorities, especially if you use computers to store client data. Security measures under this category include:

  • Firewalls
  • Data backups
  • Anti-malware programs
  • Web proxies 
  • Controlling users

It is crucial to protect your network before it gets hacked. Since there are multiple security and safety risks for business computers, a comprehensive system dedicated to safeguarding your business network should be installed and updated regularly.

  1. Operational Security

Operational security is focused on protecting your business from losses that occur because of your employees. This security method is mostly through proper management. It includes policies, standards, and procedures to support security as well as how your business expects employees to act. This also has to do with how you want your employees to conduct business and respond to any security incidents. 

Inform your employees that security cameras are used throughout the building at the time of their employment and that their internet usage will be monitored. When you consider that 30% of business failures are caused by employee theft, then physical IT security and proper operations can make or break a company.

An example of operational security would be an employee pretending to fall down and then filing a claim for worker's compensation. With security cameras in place, the footage can be reviewed for truthfulness of how the accident occurred. If the claim is legitimate, then management could show the film to employees to review safety measures. It not, the video can demonstrate fraudulent behavior, saving you the cost of a worker’s comp claim.

For most business owners, their enterprise is not just their income but also their life. Good security can save you thousands in lost revenue and help prevent theft, property damage, and intruders. 

Contact a OH professional to come in and review your business to see what security measures you need to take or what needs to be upgraded. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with good security.