This And That About Warehouse Security

April 4th, 2022

Warehouses play a vital role in society today. Various companies, including those right here in Cleveland, use them to store products, equipment, and more. These buildings have thick concrete walls and sturdy, robust doors to keep the items safe. Some organizational leaders believe these aspects are all the protection they need. However, this kind of thinking can lead to them having to file an insurance claim on down the line.

If burglars believe that there is a buck to be made, they will find a way inside the structure to steal everything but the kitchen sink. Sure, the insurance may cover the losses, but filing the documents can be a difficult task in itself. So, Cleveland business owners that want to save themselves some headaches should continue reading to learn how a security system can help.

Keep An Eye On Your Employees With Security Cameras

Threats don't always come from the outside. Rather, workers can cause problems too. For one, employee-related theft costed the industrial industry over $15 billion in 2016 alone. Aside from robbery, untrustworthy employees can also make fraudulent injury claims. For example, a forklift operator could be riding around recklessly doing doughnuts only to fall off the unit and hurt their back. He or she might lay in the floor screaming and yelling about how the slipped and fell.

Without footage to discredit the claim, the Cleveland organization may wind up having to pay out a substantial amount of money in compensation. However, if the company has a crystal clear video of the event, they will have all of the proof that they need to avoid becoming entangled in a messy lawsuit. So, protect yourself and the organization that you worked so hard to build with security cameras.

Consider Adding An Access Control System

Access control provides the building with an extra layer of security. Basically, it is a system that requires persons to enter a PIN or swipe a key card to gain entrance into a particular area. Doors leading to the outside can be protected in this way as well as those inside which protect valuable equipment or machinery. Additionally, due to each employee having their own personal PIN or card, it is easy to keep track of who accessed a particular location at a specific time. In other words, if something comes up missing, owners and managers know where to begin their search.

An Alarm Can Be Helpful Too

A properly functioning alarm is the ideal solution for summoning the appropriate emergency department when an intrusion, fire, or another type of incident happens. Depending on the model chosen, it will either emit a silent alert or a loud noise that the entire neighborhood can hear. The unit can be combined with images from the security cameras to cut down on the number of false alarms reported. Meanwhile, the monitoring station operator can see when the danger is real to get the authorities on the scene quickly. This action will limit the amount of damage that the building sustains or the number of goods that get stolen.  

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