Security Solutions for Retail Business Stores

October 20th, 2023

Are you a retail business owner that is tired of shoplifting and employee theft? If so, here are some security solutions that you may find helpful. A lot of people think that by having a security system installed all your worries will go away, this is not entirely true. Though having a security system installed will help with big problems, it's the not noticed and smaller problems that actually make up most of a business’s loss.

FACT: According to the Department of Justice a robbery occurs every 46 seconds. Employee theft is around 48% of all business loss, and shoplifting is 31%. With facts like these, knowing you have made the right decisions regarding security in your store will keep you from being another statistic. Having the right security company helping you with your security solutions is a big part of becoming fully aware.

There are three main solutions that can help business loss decrease. The first and most important would be a Point of Sale (POS) system. This is when a security provider integrates your security cameras with your cash registers, giving the owner or management viewing access of every item rang in. It allows viewing of price checks, items purchased, amount changed, and change received. This type of solution can save businesses thousands of dollars on employee theft. The second solution would be a Hidden/Spy Camera. This is a great way to get some video evidence without being noticed. There are several types of these cameras available. Depending on the environment in which the camera will be placed, is important. These cameras are small but effective. The variety ranges from Spy Pen, Spy MP3 Player, Spy Car Key Chain, Spy Watch, and much more. This is a great solution for co-workers, babysitters, Neighbors, Vandalism, and much more. The third solution is a Fake/Dummy Camera. Starting as low as $9.99 these cameras can make a huge difference for a business. This is not as effective, but is the least expensive, a low-cost alternative for a high-end security system, also known as the "digital scarecrow". Each dummy camera is designed to trick intruders. The camera is placed in a location where a problem accurses. Anyone in the general area would be given the impression they are being monitored by CCTV. (Note: This is not a functioning camera and will not give you any actual footage.)

After a hard day of work, every retail store owner should have peace of mind knowing that they are fully secured and have taken the right steps in order to feel satisfied. Finding the right security provider in Cleveland, OH makes all the difference.