Protecting A Worship Space From Vandalism

June 28th, 2022

Church and worship space vandalism is something that many of us never consider being a real issue – but it is. In fact, it is something that occurs by the thousands each and every year – and the churches and worship spaces in and around Cleveland, OH aren’t exempt from this problem.

Luckily, there are several security steps that you can take to protect your worship space from vandals, thieves, and other criminals. Just taking a few basic steps are all it takes to increase your level of protection and make sure that your institution is safe. Here are some of the key things to consider.

One – Increase Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the key elements of whether or not your place of worship will be targeted. Placing lights around the exterior of the building with a specific focus on parking lots, entrances, and exits will help provide protection. To increase protection even further, consider installing motion activated lights that switch on when they detect movement. It’s a small upgrade that can have a huge criminal deterrent effect on your property and keep it protected even more effectively.

Two – Use Sensor Alarms

Sensor alarms are rigged to doors and windows and will sound out an alarm if a door or window is opened or if the sound of breaking glass is detected by the built-in microphones. These actions trip the sensors, which causes a loud alarm to sound. The alarm will startle and potentially scare off intruders.

But if this wasn’t enough, the alarms can also be connected to monitoring services. If an alert is sounded, the service will immediately dispatch authority to your place of worship to ensure it’s safe. For properties where vandalism is an ongoing concern, these sensors could be a perfect addition.

Three – Add A Surveillance System

A good surveillance system is the best way to increase your safety. Adding one not only helps prevent criminal activity since visible cameras are a deterrent, but it can also help capture criminals after they commit their crimes.

A good camera system will include cameras placed in locations to maximize coverage area, including locations like:

  • Common rooms
  • Around the exterior of the building
  • Parking areas
  • All entrances and exits

Additionally, these systems can be linked to other components like access control measures. And, you can remotely monitor the property thanks to mobile technology that links up to your cameras and allows you to log in anywhere and see live video from your property or get alerts sent to you if something suspicious is going on.

Getting The Best Foundation For Protection

Keeping your Cleveland, OH property protected is vital, and a good security and surveillance system is the foundation on which you’ll build everything else. That means you need to install one that offers you everything you need from it. We can help you get the system that works best for you. Contact our team today to set up your initial consultation and start working towards the system that is best for your needs.