Most Popular Remote Access Security Camera Apps for Small Business Owners

February 22nd, 2018

Are you a small business owner in Cleveland, OH who would like to keep an eye on your business when you are away from your premises? Would you like to be able to monitor your employees when you cannot be on the floor overseeing their work output? Thanks to mobile technology advances, you can now monitor your security cameras from your smartphone. The following Android apps top the list of most downloaded remote-access security camera apps. Which ones will you be using to monitor your business?

TinyCam Monitor Pro

The TinyCam Monitor Pro app lets you control the audio-recording and video-recording at your place of business in Cleveland, OH. Using TinyCam Monitor Pro, you can remotely monitor the interior and exterior of your business. TinyCam Monitor Pro offers two-way audio transmissions. You can advise your employees as to their work habits, warn intruders that you have called the police, or even ask staff if there are any important messages waiting for you. TinyCam Monitor Pro is one of the most popular security camera apps in the Google Play store. This app is also Chromecast-ready, should you be considering utilizing Chromecast in your surveillance activities.


IP Cam Viewer Pro

The IP Cam Viewer Pro app offers features such as data encryption and customized audio capture. This app lets you control patrol modes and export captured video. With this security app installed, you can initiate two-way communications with your place of business in Cleveland, OH. This handy app lets you tilt and zoom to specific locations, as well as view multiple locations at once. You can pre-arrange password access to your security footage and can synchronize your data capture activities with your security personnel. This security app lets you monitor home activities like garage door access and baby nursery sounds.


IP Webcam

The IP Webcam app lets small business owners monitor their premises for suspicious activity. Features of the IP Webcam app include video-chat capabilities and video streaming. Image resolution control is also available. You can enable audio transmissions with this app and can timestamp security camera transmissions for police investigations.


Do you think you will be integrating remote access into your security plans this year? Do you think being able to check up on your business in Cleveland, OH after-hours will make you feel more comfortable or just increase your stress? Smartphone technology is transforming the way small business owners operate. Accessing security cameras remotely is just one of those business tools independent business owners can consider.