Keep Your Business Security Effective With Commonsense Audits and Updates

August 25th, 2022

Security systems change over time.  For one thing, the hardware and software you install at your Cleveland, OH location can age and become less effective.  Your system can also become obsolete as newer and better features come out that do more while being easier to use.  You can also face user problems where your staff doesn’t have the training they need to best use your security system.  All of these are problems, but all of these problems have solutions that are easy enough to implement.


Access Control Limits

Access control can become a problem for medium and large facilities that have a complex list of employees, contractors, and access permissions.  This leads to a state where former employees and contractors can get back onto the site weeks or even months after their last day with the company.  That’s why it’s important to add a few audits and automatic features to your permissions database:

  • Connect your access control permissions list to your active employee database.
  • Add an automatic expiration date to credentials given to short-term contractors.
  • Audit the permissions list manually to check for former employees and employees with more permissions than they need.
  • Use a time-out system where credentials are automatically revoked if unused for a set period.


Alarm System Tests

Another central feature of any business security system in Cleveland, OH is the alarm.  You want the alarm to go off when the wrong person enters the wrong area, but you want it to stay silent when authorized people come in and go out.  If you want to make sure your system works, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Perform regular system tests to make sure that panic buttons and security panels are properly wired and working correctly.  Have the employee who would use the panel in a real emergency test it to also provide regular training.
  • Audit your access codes and change them regularly so only authorized people know the right numbers.
  • Consider failure-to-close features that can detect when the last person to leave an area fails to arm the alarm.  Consistent failures could demand more training or investigation.


Regular Camera Updates

Old cameras tend to have poor video quality, both because newer cameras have higher resolutions and because the hardware can degrade over time.  Checking the footage can let you know when to update the system.  You should also make sure the wireless network has enough bandwidth to avoid lag and dropped feeds, the recording device has enough CPU power to handle every camera, and your storage has enough space to keep recordings for a significant amount of time.

Your security might be top-of-the-line when you first install it, but without regular tests, audits, and maintain its value and ability to protect your company will drop over time.  Just like other parts of your business, regular upkeep and updates are the best way to stay ahead of the competition.  If you want your Cleveland, OH location to stay safe and secure, be sure to contact a local security company for a consultation and advice on how to keep your security system working.