Huge Upside to Using Mobile iPhone and Android Applications in Your Business Security System

May 2nd, 2018

If you have been using a mobile application for purposes of accessing your video surveillance system in Cleveland, OH, then you probably have experienced the incredible power and utility of tablet and phone camera access capabilities.

Today's video security systems use mobile streaming of up to 1080p resolutions as well as 30 fps, which offer instant access to both business cameras at any location in Cleveland, OH, anytime. Major security camera manufacturers normally offer two components specifically-

VMS- the Video Management System manages the multi-camera system and also sets video recordings. Overall, it is the hub of today's world of a security camera.

Mobile application-this mobile application runs on the executive's mobile phone, the security guard's tablet as well as the warehouse manager's laptop. It offers instant live and real-time security videos across all facilities in Cleveland, OH, videos recordings played back within specified timeframes, audios, and motion events if available.

Just how powerful are the mobile iPhone and Android applications in the security systems?

Unrivalled speed

Speed is definitely key to several mobile applications out there. Mobile security apps can offer access to live video feed within seconds. This enables the security personnel manning a manufacturing center to be virtually available at any location in Cleveland, OH, anytime. The fact that the business owner has access to all security cameras within seconds ensures they have instant access to all critical areas 24/7. This also enables the business owner to monitor the facility and production from their desk, at the airport or in their car. In addition, having instant access to both manufacturing and production facilities leads to improved productivity. Better still, it helps the management remain connected to the facility regardless of their travel schedule.

Offers superior remote monitoring capabilities

iOS Apple or Android devices can be utilized for remote monitoring of the live feed coming from an NVR, DVR or directly from the IP camera. The Upload Network speed present at the location of the device is crucial for resolution, the quality of the videos received and frame rate. While slower network speeds can be used when frame rate and resolution have been reduced, an upload speed increase is needed for full compressed resolution alongside usable frame rate of more than 15 fps.

Offers ability to control the camera rotation

One of the outstanding benefits of the remote camera access is PTZ(Pan Tilt Zoom) control of the robotic camera. With the ability to zoom to 30x and to control camera rotation, the PTZ camera gives the user of the security camera the ability to monitor all around and further focus on the areas in Cleveland, OH that aren't available to fixed cameras. Due to software control, the PTZ camera can seamlessly cover large areas with control on virtually any device.

Offers seamless access to control systems for businesses and homes

Mobile devices are an integral application in accessing control systems for both homes and businesses in Cleveland, OH. By virtue of accessing specific areas and having control over various devices, the mobile apps on smartphones and tablets are increasingly adding control of doors and temperature to monitoring crucial areas such as retail stores and business centers. Most manufacturers offer automated controls for entry gates and buildings, using advanced applications like License Plate Recognition and Face-recognition.

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