Every Business Deserves Strong Security

March 29th, 2022

No matter what kind of industry you’re in or what sort of building you work in, you have assets that are worth protecting.  They could be secret recipes and expensive kitchen equipment, piles of goods and dozens of shelves, rows of computers full of intellectual property, or else the expert employees you hired to do the best job possible.  And if you don’t want these assets stolen, harmed, or so angry they quit, then you need some effective protection.

That’s where companies like Security Feed come in.  We offer our clients security solutions that can include all kinds of alarms and surveillance technology, and we can customize your security setup to include what you need while staying within your budget.  Depending on your business, you might want some or all of the following items.

Access Control

Basic access control includes simple door locks and deadbolts, but those are easy to break or bypass.  A strong access control system uses electronic locks with keycards you can individually customize so employees can only enter areas where they need to go.  This lets you limit who can go where and make it harder for a corporate spy to find company secrets or for untrustworthy employees to steal office supplies or expensive equipment.

Fire Alarms

Every building has to have basic fire alarm systems like smoke detectors and possibly a sprinkler system, but a security company can offer several useful upgrades.  An integrated fire alarm can contact the local fire department automatically and get the response moving right away, which is especially important if the fire starts overnight when no one is around.  An advanced system could also detect other issues like carbon monoxide, dangerous chemical spills, electrical failures, and flooding.

Security Alarms

A security alarm is the centerpiece of many business safety installations, and there are many options available for how to trigger an alarm.  Window break detectors can listen for the sound a glass window makes when it shatters, and motion sensors can spot when someone moves through a room once you arm the system.  Other sensors can detect when a door opens or someone opens a safe.  The best layout and features depend on your building’s layout and where you keep your most valuable assets.


A good HD camera can do wonders for your company’s security.  The high-quality footage lets you spot details about criminals in the act, and just the presence of a visible camera can deter some thieves from acting.  Thanks to modern technology, you can store your footage online and access it remotely, and with a wireless connection you can make your cameras harder to spot and disable.

Not every business needs the best security system possible, but plenty of companies can gain a net profit by investing in a more robust security setup.  At Security Feed, we offer our clients plenty of options so we can customize a system based on their needs, their building layout, and their budget.  Contact us today to learn more about security technology and what your options are.