Common Ways Criminals Sneak Into An Office

February 6th, 2023

Putting a business security system in place can help you protect your company’s assets and employees. It can minimize the risks of criminal attacks. Since the main points of entry are the lobbies and entrance doors, most companies focus their security measures there.

Among the most common things that business owners do are ensuring that personnel locks all doors after office hours. They may also put some employees at the front desk to prevent outsiders from wandering into private offices or restricted areas. Doing these things can help. However, there are some determined criminals that are able to get past these defenses.

Sneaking In

Some criminals are good at getting in an establishment unnoticed. One way of doing this is to skip your company’s front desk. They may also try tailgating. It refers to the act of walking in with a group of authorized individuals to avoid detection. Another way of doing it is to get into an unauthorized entrance. Some people tend to hold a door open if someone asks. They may do it out of courtesy. However, it may be dangerous for your company. 

If your office in Cleveland, OH has side doors, make sure your employees keep them closed at all times. You can also consider having an entrance dedicated to employees only. This way, all outsiders will have to use the visitor entrance. You also need to educate your employees so that there will be a culture of security at the office. 

Fake Credentials

There are criminals that falsify names and personal details to get through security. They may do this during the check-in process. You can prevent this from happening by telling your security team to always check IDs to verify the legitimacy of the information. You may also ask expected visitors to provide photos as they check-in. This way, you can verify their identity. 

Another possible way for people to sneak into a building is to pretend that they have a valid reason for being there. You can prevent this from happening by training your front desk staff. Tell them that only visitors with their hosts are allowed to enter. Make sure your employees also know this rule. 

Stolen Keys

Criminals with more experience may choose to steal keycards or passcodes. Make sure you are careful when issuing physical keys. If your office in Cleveland, OH uses passcodes, change them regularly. You can have an electronic access system that will still work even during power interruptions. You may also want to consider upgrading into a business security system that requires additional authentication. Additionally, you also need to make sure no one can access the office after regular working hours without a security code.

Each company has different security needs. It is important for you to understand what your office requires so that you can invest in the proper business security system. If you need help in finding the best solution for your OH company, contact us now.