4 Reasons To Use Security Cameras In Malls

November 8th, 2018

Shopping malls in Cleveland, OH are crowded public spaces where people of all ages and all demographics come together to buy clothing and other goods, eat some fast food, and otherwise hang out with friends.  It’s also where many people come to pick pockets and shoplift from stores.  With so much going on and so many potential crimes taking place, just about every mall in the world comes equipped with a set of security cameras so the mall staff can keep an eye on everyone and record what happened for later.  There are plenty of good reasons for this.

Crime Deterrence

Since practically every mall in Cleveland, OH  has cameras and other security measures, it’s common knowledge among shoppers that they are monitored while inside and in the parking lot.  Mall owners can improve this awareness by placing security cameras and posting warnings in obvious spots, and they can enhance their coverage by placing concealed cameras in spots the regular ones can’t cover or using opaque dome covers so shoppers can’t tell which direction the cameras are looking.  Some thieves will try their luck even when they know cameras can see them, but others will avoid the monitored mall and look to steal from somewhere else.

Crime Solving

If a crime happens in a monitored area, you can check the recordings you have in order to hopefully identify the person who committed the act.  If you catch the act quickly enough, it can help mall security track down the thief before they leave the building.  Otherwise, you can give the police a copy so they can identify and potentially track down the thief.  If necessary, you can also use your security recordings to prove that a crime didn’t take place when someone claims that you, a tenant, or an employee was responsible for harming them.

Customer Reassurance

Aside from deterring thieves, the obvious presence of security cameras also reassures regular customers that they won’t have to worry about theft or assault, and if something bad does happen to them then security and police will have a way to track down the responsible person or persons.  Nervous customers don’t spend as much money, so it’s important to make sure they feel safe while they’re in your mall.

Employee Monitoring

Sadly, not every employee is as trustworthy as they should be, and in fact employee theft and fraud usually cost businesses much more than shoplifting ever could.  So when you set up your camera network, don’t forget the employee-only areas and make sure you have a good view of the cash registers.  This also helps you see how your employees act around customers so you can encourage them or tell them what to do differently.                                                                                    

Cameras are an essential part of any Cleveland mall’s security system.  Well-placed cameras will show you everything you need to know about shoppers and employees, and they can help with preventing and solving crimes.  If for some reason you don’t have a good set of security cameras at your shopping mall, you should definitely upgrade.